Worlds Apart



“I wish here was there
or that there could become here so I could hold you.”


Lesson Learned



There’s a lot of lesson that you’ve learned from yourself, and yet you’re still learning. It’s a continous process that sometimes even if you’ve already learned from it you will find yourself choosing the same mistakes all over again.

One thing i learned is not to expect. Expectation really hurts and sometimes even if you remind yourself thousand times not to, there’s still a part of you that still expecting and somehow hoping for something.

Never expect and never rely on promises. That’s one lesson you probably learned from all of the broken promises the world has given you.




Yesterday, i was supposed to go to Davao with family but we just cancelled the trip. I’ve been wanting to go there this year, this is my much needed escape and that i’m looking forward to. Actually, i can go by myself but i don’t have enough budget for this trip. If only i can be there just for a day at the beach, so i can have peace of mind.

It’s really sad that it didn’t push through, So right now, i’m just reliving those memories at pearl farm beach resort. The place is just heavenly beautiful, it’s such a paradise.

I will go back for sure, maybe before this year ends, and i’m hoping to go there with friends. :)

No letting go.



“Hope can be found in the smallest and most unassuming places. If you only remember to hang on tightest when you want to let go the very most.” – Tyler Knott Gregson

I can’t hang on tight, i want to let go but can you really let go of something you never had? Can you claim it yours even if you’re not committed? But still, i’m trying my best to hold on, even if it hurts.


Have you ever feel so tense when someone sent you a message? Your heart beats faster and somehow it skipped a beat? Well it always happened to me, to this same man whom i met years ago. Just seeing his name popped-up on my phone, it’s like i drank loads of caffeine and i’m having palpitations.  I don’t know why i feel this way every time but seriously i need to do something about it, ’cause at some point i’m not sure if it’s because i’m afraid, or i’m deeply in love with him and i don’t want to lose him or whatsoever.