Long drives and Sunrise



We spend too much time waiting for the sunrise. Don’t you remember?





I am in a state of having conflicting feelings. I don’t know why i’m feeling this right now, i’m quite emotional this day after i attended worship service earlier this morning. It just occur to me that i only have 10 days left to spend with the family and friends.

I really hate this kind of feeling. I’m quite confused. I’m just praying that God will give me extra strenght and guidance and i know he will not leave me in times like this. :(

Goodbye, 2012!



It may not be the perfect 2012 as i expected, but it taught me a lot. To reach for my dreams, to be brave, to be stronger than i was, to love, and to appreciate everything that i have. I’ve been through it all, the good and hard times but still i’m thankful for everything that had happened because i know somehow that it is what God wants for me.

As i bid goodbye to 2012, i will forever take with me all those lessons that it taught me and use it as i begin a new journey of my life. One thing i really learned from it is ‘Acceptance’ and once you learn how to accept, you can move on to the next chapter and can easily let go of the past.

So finally, i am leaving all the heartaches behind and will begin a fresh new life.

Happy 2013! :)

Like A Firework



Sometimes life puts you in touch with the people you need to meet. To love you, to help you, to hurt you, to teach you lessons, and to strengthen you to a person you were meant to become and then leave you. They will come into your life to give you happiness and will make you believe in love. Some of them stayed beside you, but most of them left you.

I have met a lot of them. They are like a firework that gives you happiness for a short period of time. They are beautiful, they shine in a dark night sky, they light up your life, and make you smile but then like a firework they just fade away and will vanished into thin air. It hurts when this happen, no matter how much you believe that they are different, they are all the same and you have to keep in mind that they won’t last, nothing does.

because just like that, they are gone.